Putting the REAL in Real Estate Investing

Own and operate 8 Real Estate Investment companies

18 years of experience

3500 flip transactions

Over 1 Billion dollars in sales volume with investors

Over 1000 properties owned and managed

Over 1 billion dollars in private money lent

"I believe that the best way to secure financial freedom for yourself and your family is through investing in Real Estate. I have helped hundreds of investors achieve their financial goals".

I think experience is priceless  – and James has it more than anyone we have ever met in this realm. So I think it’s just one of those things – You can’t lose. We have already made our investment back 10-fold.

Sean Ragen, ProjectRE Student

Now that I see the path to my goal and I have the blueprint and the mentor – I see a more carved out path towards accomplishing my goals.

Daniel Soper, ProjectRE Student

I only recently joined ProjectRe and from day one I knew it was was money well spent.  I have learned more in the last couple of weeks than the last year because of the weekly calls with James, access to documents, calculators, and learning modules.  


Owen Fogarty, ProjectRE Student

Joining ProjectRe was like strapping a rocket ship to my real estate investing journey. with James’s expert guidance, comprehensive resources, and the collaborative community, I’ve accelerated toward my real estate investment goals with confidence and support.

Phillip Garcia, ProjectRE Student


  •  As the foremost Real Estate Investor in the Pacific Northwest, I have built an eminent career as a flipper, developer, private money lender, landlord and broker.
  • Two decades in the industry. True authority comes from years of experience, not months.
  • Record of success. I achieved financial freedom years ago and I have helped hundreds of investors reach their goals.
  • Tenacity. A lot of coaches sell their students on the easy ride to sucess. My first year in the industry was one of the most challenging years of my life. My success is built on continuing to stick it out. I am living proof that you can achieve your financial goals if you are willing to put the work in.
  • Navigate market conditions with expertise. A lot of investors are intimidated by changes in the market or simply choose to ignore them. As a nationwide educator on Real Estate Investing, I am an expert at analyzing market conditions and adusting my business accordingly.
  • A serious investor community that you can lean on. The ProjectRE is designed for the action-takers. We are a community of active investors with one common goal – achieve financial freedom through real estate.
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Project Flip Starts June 24!

Space is limited! My eight-week Fix and Flip Course combines my 20 years of experience into real actionable guidance. I am teaching a  live online session to a limited number of students.

Don't miss this opportunity learn from an expert and join a team of action-taking investors. Let's achieve your financial goals in 2024.