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Need the 1031 exchange explained in a simple way? With so many conditions and caveats surrounding 1031 exchanges, it’s easy to understand why many investors don’t bother with them. But, this could be to their detriment, as 1031 exchanges can help you grow cash flow, portfolio size, and property value quicker, without the tax implications of a traditional home sale. I used the 1031 exchange to take my portfolio from twelve units, all the way up to three hundred! In this episode I answers some key questions that may be confusing investors, such as: what is a 1031 exchange, how does a 1031 exchange work, and what are the benefits to a 1031 exchange?

Have you ever done a 1031 exchange? If so, did it work smoothly, were you able to hit the deadlines, and would you do it again?

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