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Looking for housing markets with population growth, new jobs, rising home prices, and unlimited profit potential? If so, you’re in luck! In this episode, we’ll reveal four of our favorite “comeback” housing markets primed to explode over the next few years. Thanks to the recent housing correction pushing home prices lower, some top investing areas are sitting on suppressed prices that might not last long. So, what are our top markets? First, we head down south to talk about an explosive city that tanked in property pricing but now looks like a strong buy. Then, we’ll head to the Silicon Slopes to break down why this new tech hub (and ski city) boasts some surprising metrics that could mean more money for rental property investors. From there, we’ll enter into the dense forest and fog of an iconic city that isn’t even close to past its prime. Finally, we’ll finish with a nugget of wisdom from Dave on why this “fast food city” might be worth more than its munchies. So, if you’ve been preparing for your next out-of-state investment or are just looking for a market that’ll bring you long-term growth, tune in to hear where our experts are planning their property purchases!


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