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Today’s housing market has a lot of people scared, and investors are worried as well. Home prices are starting to slump, inflation is hitting decade-long peaks, and interest rates have turned everyone’s cash flow cushions into break-even deals at best. Is there any respite in the wild real estate market? And why do top investors seem so excited about it? We’re back on another correspondents episode of “On the Market,” where Professor Dave has asked students Henry, James, and Kathy to bring in their favorite real estate market news for show-and-tell. These stories hit different aspects of the housing market, showcasing the cracks forming in the overall economy and what investors need to be prepared for to react. We talk about how home flips are being discounted across expensive coastal cities, why rent price growth is starting to stall, and how buyers got their negotiation power back. We’ll also be touching on the recent inflation data, showing that we have a long way to go until we return to the good ol’ days of two-percent price growth. Then, we take a request from the On the Market Forums where we answer an age-old question: When should you sell a BRRRR property? All this, and more, coming up on this week’s data-first housing market deep dive!

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