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Will the housing market reignite in 2024?

After a year of rising mortgage rates, inflation affecting American sentiments and typical buyer-seller patterns, there's sign of optimism and confidence in consumers. Here's why I think the frozen housing market is poised to reignite in 2024. Inventory Shift With...

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Success comes from getting out of your comfort zone

Success is forged through mistakes, hard work, discomfort, and relentless effort. Every experience is a stepping stone refining the desires and goals you want from life. Red Robin marked my beginning where I went from $3 in tips to eventually 3,000 flips and counting....

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Is Wholesaling the College of Real Estate?

In my experience, with its embedded intricacies and processes, wholesaling is the college equivalent of real estate. To be successful, you must have problem-solving skills, relationship building, a keen eye to see value despite market dynamics and know how to set-up...

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Space is limited! My eight-week Fix and Flip Course combines my 20 years of experience into real actionable guidance. I am teaching a  live online session to a limited number of students.

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