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BRRRR investing, house flips, five-figure rental properties, and silicon prairie dogs are all part of this “On the Market” episode. We asked our panel of expert guests to bring in some of the juiciest deals they’ve been doing so we can compare and contrast which real estate investing strategies are working best in today’s housing market. Surprisingly, even with this panel of investing all-stars, we’ve got deals and steals costing only $70K, but also home-run rentals in the seven and eight-figure price points. But this isn’t just a bragathon—our expert guests walk through exactly how they picked up these insane deals for cheap, the strategies they’re using to cash flow from day one, and how they’ll use their tax benefits to pay for the next round of real estate deals! If you want to know how to make six-figures worth of equity for free, build a “bulletproof” BRRRR strategy, or ensure you turn a profit on your next real estate deal, this is the episode to listen to! We also take a question from the “On the Market” Forums concerning rent raises and how to price your rental property. It can be tempting to set your rental price at an all-time high rate, as renter demand skyrockets. But, this could lead to unintended consequences that could not only hurt your property but bombard you with headaches from a future tenant. We’ll give tips and tricks on the best way to get around this!

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