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James Dainard is an expert in analyzing deals, how to find & finance properties, tips & advice, and so much more. James manages his own Real Estate brokerage (Heaton Dainard) and has flipped over 3,000 doors in the Pacific Northwest. James one of the PNW largest flippers and is an active Real Estate broker with over $1billion in sales direct to investors, a hard money lender, Builder, and an active syndicator and apartment purchaser in the PNW with over 2,000 doors managed.. James Dainard is a real estate investor who has a great story to share and words of wisdom to impart for both beginning and veteran investors alike, so grab your pen and paper, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Want to get in contact with James Dainard? Reach out at

Project Flip Starts June 24!

Space is limited! My eight-week Fix and Flip Course combines my 20 years of experience into real actionable guidance. I am teaching a  live online session to a limited number of students.

Don't miss this opportunity learn from an expert and join a team of action-taking investors. Let's achieve your financial goals in 2024.