The multifamily crash is well underway! But is now the time to buy? If only you could see where top investors are parking their cash during this wild house market. Well, today, you can! We’re back with another Deal Breakdown, where Henry Washington, James Dainard, and Kathy Fettke break down the deals they’re doing in February of 2023. And while the news may be highlighting a “doom and gloom” type of real estate market, we know from first-hand experience that there is still money to be made in today’s housing market! Kathy is back in her love-hate relationship with new builds as she makes a SERIOUS investment in the beautiful ski town of Park City, Utah. The view alone at this property was enough to sell her on the high price. Next, Henry shares his “base hit” off-market real estate deal with a slew of exit strategies that’ll make him money, no matter what. Lastly, James is going hard on the multifamily housing crash, tackling a multi-million dollar deal that could have an eight-figure sales price once he’s done with it! Want to hear how these top investors are finding, funding, and profiting from their real estate deals in 2023? Stick around! And, if you haven’t been to the grocery store, gas pump, or lumber yard in a while, we play a post-inflation pricing game to see how high-priced everyday commodities have gotten. We won’t give away the answers, but we can definitely say that omitting omelets from your diet could save you some serious cash! 00:00 Intro 02:26 Guess That Post-Inflation Price! 10:07 Kathy’s Pricey Park City Property 21:36 Henry’s Multi-Exit Base Hit 38:14 Capitalizing on the Crash with James 51:59 Connect with Our Guests! ~~~~ Join BiggerPockets for FREE 👇… ~~~~ Listen to The “On The Market” Podcast Wherever You Listen to Podcasts: Spotify:… Apple Podcasts:… BiggerPockets:… ~~~~ Join the Future of Real Estate Investing with Fundrise: ~~~~ Find an Investor-Friendly Agent in Your Area:… ~~~~ The Multifamily “Bomb” is About to Blow, Here’s What You Need to Know:… ~~~~ Learn More About Inflation with Trading Economics: ~~~~ Connect with Dave and Our Panel of Guests: Dave Meyer:… Henry Washington:… James Dainard:… Jamil Damji:… Kathy Fettke:… ~~~~ Follow Dave and Our Guests on Instagram: Dave: @thedatadeli or Henry: @thehenrywashington or… James: @jdainflips or Jamil: @jdamji or Kathy: @kathyfettke or BiggerPockets: @biggerpockets or Episode 78 Show notes at:… #biggerpockets #onthemarket #onthemarket78

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