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BRRRR real estate caught fire over the past ten years as the housing market steadily appreciated, with mortgage rates remaining low. Now, with mortgage rates high, real estate investors are taking a step back from the BRRRR method, so much so that some believe that BRRRR has reached its final days. But for others, the BRRRR will never die as; long as you take the right steps to outweigh the risk. But what is the BRRRR method? BRRRR stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat. For example, an investor buys a house that needs fixing up, renovates it, rents it out, and refinances to take out the equity they put into the property. When done correctly, the BRRRR method allows investors to walk away with a newly renovated property with barely any money left in the deal. This allows the investor to buy even more deals, infinitely recycling their capital while stacking their passive income. James Dainard, Seattle-based investor and expert guest on “On the Market,” still sees the benefit of doing a BRRRR, even as real estate prices start to slide. While other investors run from a market like this, James is scooping up deals left and right. In this episode, James will walk through exactly how you need to underwrite, renovate, and plan for a BRRRR so you can get the most for your money without getting burnt on a deal. So is the BRRRR method dead in 2023, or can James resuscitate this investor-favorite strategy? 00:00 Is BRRRR Dead? 01:52 The 3 Things You Need 03:33 High Risk? Worth It? 05:46 How to Make the BRRRR Work in 2023 09:12 Would You Buy This Deal? 12:00 Define Your BRRRR Buy Box 12:46 Can You Still BRRRR in 2023? ~~~~ Join BiggerPockets for FREE 👇… ~~~~ Find an Investor-Friendly Agent in Your Area:… ~~~~ Watch James on the “On the Market” YouTube Channel:… ~~~~ Listen to James on The “On The Market” Podcast Wherever You Listen to Podcasts: Spotify:… Apple Podcasts:… BiggerPockets:… ~~~~ Check Out James’ Last Episode on Multifamily Investing: ~~~~ Grab the BRRRR Book:… ~~~~ How to Succeed in Real Estate Investing Using the BRRRR Method:… ~~~~ Connect with James on BiggerPockets:… ~~~~ Learn More from James: ~~~~ Subscribe to ProjectRE with James Dainard:… ~~~~ Follow James on Instagram: or @jdainflips #biggerpockets #jamesdainard #brrrrr