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There have been a lot of market crash predictions over the past few years. Since the 2020 flash crash and subsequent asset price skyrocketing, investors have always had an inkling that this wouldn’t last. Once inflation hit decade-long highs, the Fed stepped in to quell constant price pumping, but that came with even higher mortgage rates. Now, commercial real estate investors and everyone else with short-term financing are stuck in a bind. Once these loans come due, they’ll either have to pay them off, refinance, or face foreclosure. So, what happens next? While Dave Meyer and James Dainard are housing market experts, neither know macroeconomic data as well as Fundrise’s Ben Miller, whose job is to predict market patterns and make the best investing decisions. Last time we talked to Ben, he hit on the “Great Deleveraging,” which would force a massive commercial real estate crash, but today he’s talking about bank failures, a financial collapse timeline, and what he’s buying as soon as the market drops. The wealthiest in America know that market crashes and financial collapses aren’t a time to worry; they’re a time to make millions! Ben shares the markets with the most opportunity, how to pick up properties for dimes on the dollar, and why hoarding cash during a time like this isn’t such a bad idea. So don’t fear market downturns like this; take advantage of them!