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Project Wholesale Week 6

Project Wholesale Week 7

Project Wholesale Week 8

Project Wholesale Week 3

Project Wholesale Week 4

Project Wholesale Week 5

Wholesale w/ Cole Ruud Johnson

Project Wholesale Week 1

Project Wholesale Week 2

Desktop Comps with Vlad Tselnik

Live Walk Through and DADU Review Preview

Wholesourcing: Convert 5x more Deals

Scrolling to Scaling Bootcamp Q & A

Growing your Network w/ Leka Devatha

Underwriting 101

Building Systems with Serena Norris

If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

How to Finance Your First Deal with Ashley Kehr

End of the Year Tax Strategy with Ana Klein

Intro to Private Money Lending

Vintage Flipping with Jessie Rodriguez

Designing On-Trend within Your Budget w/Caitlin Morton

Defining Your Buy Box

Private Money Lending Masterclass w/ Devon Kennard

Highlights of BPCon with Leka Devathu Pt.1

Highlights of BPCon with Leka Devathu Pt.2

House Flipping Horror Story

ProjectRE Academy Call 092623

ProjectRE Academy Call 100323

ProjectRE Academy Call 101023

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