I lead the top Real Estate Investing and Flipping Team in the Puget Sound Region. Together we have renovated thousands of homes.  From everything to simple cosmetic flips to full development projects, we understand what it takes to renovate  a property to its maximum value.

At our complementary live Property Walk Thru-Events, You get the opportunity to see my projects in action. My team and I experts will take you through strategies to optimize your project from start to finish. It is also a great opportunity to meet with other local investors with similar goals.

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Project Flip Starts June 24!

Space is limited! My eight-week Fix and Flip Course combines my 20 years of experience into real actionable guidance. I am teaching a  live online session to a limited number of students.

Don't miss this opportunity learn from an expert and join a team of action-taking investors. Let's achieve your financial goals in 2024.