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Don’t you love Wall Street? From artificially inflating the housing market to kicking first-time homebuyers to the curb, and now, selling off their inventory at a fraction of the cost. Wall Street and hedge funds alike seem to be the big landlords giving the rest of us a bad name. But, their latest blunder could bring about good news for the average mom-and-pop investor, house hacker, or even regular first-time homebuyer. Welcome back to “On The Market”, your bi-weekly update on everything related to real estate. Today, our panel of expert investors has brought along the most pressing stories related to property buying, selling, flipping, and wholesaling. You’ll hear why Wall Street may be turning away from real estate investing entirely, the Fed’s backpedaling on their money printing mistake, why new listings are dropping off, and which cities make the list of the most vulnerable housing markets in America. There’s no need to start getting sweaty—although many headlines seem anxiety-inducing for the average renter, homebuyer, or seller, for real estate investors, most of this is great news. With buying opportunities almost burying us, 2022 is starting to look a lot more lucrative than we thought it would! Wondering what’s the best move to build wealth? Stick around!

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