Success is forged through mistakes, hard work, discomfort, and relentless effort. Every experience is a stepping stone refining the desires and goals you want from life. Red Robin marked my beginning where I went from $3 in tips to eventually 3,000 flips and counting. From my start as a senior working in the hospitality field, I evolved into a successful real estate owner and operator in the Pacific Northwest with multiple thriving businesses. Let’s dive into how any scrappy start can be a catalyst to build a vision and summon the courage and perseverance needed to achieve your life goals.

Scrappy Foundations And Resilience

Like many college kids, my senior year was a balancing act of attending classes, 30 hours of work weekly at Red Robin for a mere $40 a day, followed by door knocking 40 houses after work. I believed that success would come if I just kept knocking. Without a mentor, I relied solely on determination and the goal of making a sale. It was a scrappy grind, far from perfect with no sales in my first year, but I got after it with the tools I had. This experience laid the foundation for resilience, focus, and perseverance, shaping my future.

The Value Of A Good Mentor

The following year, I finally tasted success when I found the right mentor – I learned the ropes, was taught what to say, how to approach owners and began to see repeated success wholesaling. Each new experience was a lesson, I continued to grow, and my efforts snowballed. Don’t let small setbacks slow you down – Learn from them and let them propel you towards unstoppable success.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Fast forward two decades, and my real estate ventures have flourished. You can’t grow if you don’t embrace change, and you can’t embrace change if you stay comfortable. Get out, hustle, start door knocking, and calling owners. What started as $3 tips from Red Robin with attempts at wholesaling evolved into a multifaceted business, including brokerage services, lending, and property development. So take that first step in a bigger plan for your future!