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The US real estate market is a bit complex. In the South, homes are still quickly getting under contract as those from the North and West move to warmer climates. But demand is brewing in states that you probably haven’t even considered. Plus, a comeback no one expected could be on the horizon. In a market like 2023, anything and everything is up for grabs, and we could be back to the wild housing market we thought was left behind in 2022. To put each area of America head-to-head, we’ve got Dave Meyer, Henry Washington, James Dainard, and Kathy Fettke, representing the Northeast, South, West Coast, and Midwest, respectively. Each of these markets has its own set of benefits, ranging from affordability to strong job growth, optimal climates, and appreciation. So which area could be the best bet for investors in 2023? We’ll touch on the latest housing market data to see where each of these regions stand, where median home prices are heading, why often overlooked markets are finally getting the attention they deserve, and whether or not the West Coast truly is the best coast. If you want to invest but don’t know where, stick around!