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Cap rates affect multifamily investing more than most investors come to realize. If you’re in the commercial real estate space, you know that as cap rates decrease, price points for apartment complexes increase. And, as cap rates start to expand, multifamily prices begin to dwindle. With rising interest rates and high labor/material costs, the multifamily market should see a decline in property valuations. But that isn’t what’s happening. Behind the scenes, a group of investors is unknowingly keeping this multifamily boat afloat, artificially inflating cap rates and keeping prices at record highs. The problem? This makes average asset prices skyrocket to almost unaffordable levels, ruining the playing field for any investors who can’t outright buy a multi-million dollar property in cash. Ashley Wilson, experienced multifamily investor, calls this the “cap rate con” and blames much of today’s high multifamily pricing on it. Ashley is a veteran real estate investor with a decade and a half of experience. She’s been investing in large multifamily housing since 2018 and is shocked at what’s happening today. This “multifamily madness” is affecting investors across the board, and she’s convinced that it must come to an end. But what’s causing these inflated prices? How are multifamily investors reacting? And is there still space for the new investor to make money? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

00:00 Intro 02:35 Ashley’s Asset-First Background 05:01 1031-Induced Multifamily Madness 19:51 Why Aren’t Cap Rates Expanding? 34:03 Are Investors Still Buying? 38:54 Advice for Passive Investors 47:24 Rate Hikes 56:49 Connect with Ashley! 57:23 Takeaways ~~~~ Join BiggerPockets for FREE 👇… ~~~~ Listen to The “On The Market” Podcast Wherever You Listen to Podcasts: Spotify:… Apple Podcasts:… BiggerPockets:… ~~~~ Join the Future of Real Estate Investing with Fundrise: ~~~~ Find an Investor-Friendly Agent in Your Area:… ~~~~ Connect with Ashley: BiggerPockets:… Bar Down Investments: Apartment Addicts: Instagram: @badashinvestor or… ~~~~ Grab “The Only Woman in the Room”: ~~~~ Connect with Dave and Our Panel of Guests: Dave Meyer:… Henry Washington:… James Dainard:… Jamil Damji:… Kathy Fettke:… ~~~~ Follow Dave and Our Guests on Instagram: Dave: @thedatadeli or Henry: @thehenrywashington or… James: @jdainflips or Jamil: @jdamji or Kathy: @kathyfettke or BiggerPockets: @biggerpockets or Episode 52 Show notes at:… #biggerpockets #onthemarket #onthemarket52

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